Vintage Trading Card 17

Anastasia Rockets Finds Hard Times

A Forbidden Love

Card 17. of 69 (Volume One)

Text on Back of Card: Hard Times is having…er…hard times reconciling his feelings for the Ice Queen of Mother Russia herself: Spy Slut Anastasia Rockets. Despite the frigid air that breezes Hard Time’s way whenever Anastasia glares at him with that cold steely glaze of hers, he can’t help but feel a Berlin Wall growing in his own heart. One that divides his loyalty and love of America and his growing feelings towards this Ruskie with the lust key.

Will Anastasia ever open that Iron Curtain on her heart and let poor Hard Times in? Can Hard convince Anastasia to defect her love? The Cold War is on in the Spy Slutz spin-off show: Hey Eyes Said “Nyet.”