TV TRADING CARD: The Monstrous Richard Head

The Monstrous Richard Head

Card 10 of 69

He’s Going Down

Meet The Monstrous Richard Head: Kingpin of Slutz, notorious Arms & Narcotics Dealer, and  Black Market Pusher of 8-track cassette tapes. The Power Pussies (Glock Tease, Cherry Bomb, & Honey Potts) infiltrate Head’s Drug Warren of Lies to take him down and give him the spanking he so Richly deserves.

Complications ensue, however, when Dickie develops Baby Girl issues with ingénue and Southern Belle Miss Honey Potts. Can the seasoned Glock Tease guard and protect our most inexperienced Spy Slut from Head’s manhandling?  Or will this evil overlord take them all down with him in a ball of flames?