Miss Honey Potts, the gregarious and gracious gal from the South,  wins over SPY SLUTZ fans in a heart-stopping swoon.

CARD Number 6 of 69: Honey Potts


Moxy: 1/5
Feminine Wiles: 5/5
Seduction: 1/5
Beguile: 3/5
Computational: 5/5

Measurements: 28”, 22”, 24”

Allegiance: The Power Pussies
Alignment: Flexible
Weaponry: Inductive Reasoning
Fav. Drink: Cocktails w/ tiny umbrellas
Weakness: Gravity

This Southern Belle sure knows how to charm! Ingénue Honey Potts is the baby of the Power Pussies and often feels overlooked by her more seasoned comrades-in-arms. While frequently relying on adopted big “sis” Miss Tease’s guidance, Honey Potts chafes at her Glock-blocking ways. Seriously, guys! Honey can handle any load that comes her way! Give her a chance to prove herself and maybe she’ll just come out on top (and perhaps solve a math equation or two)!