I am very pleased to present you this cherished family heirloom: my grandmother Else featured as Cherry Bomb, in Card 3 of 69.

CARD Number 3 of 69: Cherry Bomb


Moxy: 5/5

Feminine Wiles: 3/5

Seduction: 4/5

Beguile: 4/5

Computational: 2/5


Measurements: 36”, 31”, 40”

Allegiance: The Power Pussies

Alignment: Fiercely Loyal

Weaponry: Contact Explosives

Fav. Drink: Strawberry Marguerittes

Weakness: Punk Rockers

Cherry Bomb sure lives up to her name — you never know when she is about to go off! She’s a feisty redhead with the temper to match, but don’t dare ask her if the curtains match the carpet. Cherry is the group’s weapons expert & queen of full frontal assault. The team has been trained not to expect Cherry to diffuse any tense situations, however, as her tactical strategy is fierce and raw. Like the saying goes: A little friendly fire never hurt anyone.

Watch out, boys, Cherry just might make you explode!