Glock Tease Card Found!

Rare Collectible Spy Slutz Card found

I recently discovered this great condition card at a yard sale in Fresno, while visiting my grandmother, Else Lughes (who played Cherry Bomb).  Below is a scan of both sides of the card. I know on the market I could make a bundle, but these cards are a part of not only my childhood but also my heritage.



Moxy: 4/5
Feminine Wiles: 4/5
Seduction: 3/5
Beguile: 5/5
Computational: 1/5

Measurements: 36”, 32”, 42”

Allegiance: The Power Pussies
Alignment: Fiercely Loyal
Weaponry: Herpes Simplex 2
Fav. Drink: Cocktails w/ tiny umbrellas
Weakness: Heels by Achilles

Easily the most “experienced” Spy Slut, Glock Tease is looked upon as a role model amongst her peers, particularly by ingénue Honey Potts of whom Glock is strangely overprotective of. Keep your grubby hands off of Honey, Monstrous Richard Head, before you get a nasty taste of Glock’s weapon of choice right in the kisser!

Don’t let the lethal Miss Tease’s bumbling ways fool you! She knows how to handle a glock!