Spy Whores

Sticky Fingers

Keytar player by night, gynecologist by day, Sticky Fingers knows how to tickle the ivories. A mere minion performing in devious Daddy Oh’s merry band of bandits, Sticky is careful not to rock the boat, only your world. As a player well versed in The Knuckle Song, Sticky will do you no wrong! Also accepts co-pay.



Easily the most “experienced” Spy Whore, Glock Tease is looked upon as a role model amongst her peers, particularly by ingénue Honey Potts of whom Glock is strangely overprotective of. Keep your grubby hands off of Honey, Monstrous Richard Head, before you get a nasty taste of Glock’s weapon of choice right in the kisser! Don’t let the lethal Miss Tease’s bumbling ways fool you! She knows how to handle a glock!



Look what’s blown in from the frigid plains of Siberia: the femme fatale of the East, Anastasia Rockets herself.  This stealth assassin in stilettos will aptly steal your heart and spit it out while selling your secrets (and maybe even your stones) on the Black Market. But will this Cold War cutie give FBI agent and All-American crusader Hard Times the cold shoulder forever? The nether regions of America heat up whenever this Commie Comrade comes in town.



Cherry Bomb sure lives up to her name — you never know when she is about to go off! She’s a feisty redhead with the temper to match, but don’t dare ask her if the curtains match the carpet. Cherry is the group’s weapons expert & queen of full frontal assault. The team has been



Hard Times: FBI Agent, Freedom Fighter, Karate Aficionado, and All Around American, is coming in to town, kicking down doors and trampling on Soviet socialist ideas all the while championing the Capitalistic Glory that is God Blessed America. Competing against the Power Pussies, Hard Times infiltrates the Monstrous Richard Head’s harem of lies. Yet despite all his bravado, Hard Times is a humble guy, modestly reporting his measurements as 11” cause boasting 12” would “just be cocky.”



This Southern Belle sure knows how to charm! Ingénue Honey Potts is the baby of the Power Pussies and often feels overlooked by her more seasoned comrades-in-arms. While frequently relying on adopted big “sis” Miss Tease’s guidance, Honey Potts chafes at her Glock-blocking ways. Seriously, guys! Honey can handle any load that comes her way! Give her a chance to prove herself and
maybe she’ll just come out on top (and perhaps solve a math equation or two)!



Meet The Monstrous Richard Head: Kingpin of Whores, notorious Arms & Narcotics Dealer, and Black Market Pusher of 8-track cassette tapes. The Power Pussies (Glock Tease, Cherry Bomb, & Honey Potts) infiltrate Head’s Drug Warren of Lies to take him down and give him the spanking he so Richly deserves.

Complications ensue, however, when Dickie develops Baby Girl issues with ingénue and Southern Belle Miss Honey Potts. Can the seasoned Glock Tease guard and protect our most inexperienced Spy Whore from Head’s manhandling? Or will this evil overlord take them all down with him in a ball of flames?

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